This page is for those wonderful fans
who ask how they can help support our Music.

I have put together a wish list of equipment that we are hoping to purchase
in the future.

Click on the item for more information.

We are looking for a used Roadtrek or Pleasure -Way van in excellent condition.



2 x Shure Digital Wireless Guitar Pedal System :Price: $549.00


X AIR XR1818-Channel, 12-Bus Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 16 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, Integrated Wifi Module and Multi-Channel USB Audio Interface $924.00 CDN




We Appreciate your Support
I thank GOD for my talent! I am so happy to be able to write,
record and perform my own songs and to be
able to travel with my wife/band mate,
Betty Anne meeting such awesome people where ever we go.
If you know either of us, you will know that we both come from
musical families and music is and always will be one of our great loves in life.

It is such an honor for us to be able to share our songs of hope,
faith and GOD'S love for everyone through our recordings and concerts.
It is definitely a dream come true for us.

Now the reality of living such a dream is that an Artist today
must struggle just to earn a minimum wage from their music.
With so many expenses like traveling costs, equipment upkeep
and upgrades along with recording costs for new music, it can be a real struggle.

We certainly don't do it for the fame and fortune,
we do it because we feel we have been given these gifts
to share and bring hope, love and encouragement to people through our songs.

Without the love, support, generosity and goodwill of people like you
who are reading this right now it would be almost impossible for us
to survive as full time musicianaries.

We thank you and appreciate any and all support from you our fan and friend.

Brian Watts